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Eugene's Dog Whisperer
This is dog training  based on Cesar Millan’s technique of bringing balance 
and order to the home. The Animal, seeks balance naturally, but the human 
has to work to create it. I specialize in behavior problems such as 
jumping, biting, pulling on the leash, and running away. I work with 
dogs of all ages and behavior whether they are shy or aggressive.

I can usually fix the problem in one visit so you don’t have to attend 
weekly classes.  Call to schedule a private session.

I show people how to clearly shape the dog’s behavior problem by using its own 
natural system. Dogs want to please, but are often confused about what 
you are asking. Dogs are very intelligent, but they don’t speak English. 
They are conditioned to key on certain sounds or signals. Repeating a 
word louder and louder hoping for a different result is not going to get you good results.

Your dog is most likely doing what it thought it was supposed 
to, and is very confused about why you get so loud. If it barks and you 
yell, “No, no NO!” it will think you are just barking with it.

This is deeper training than ‘sit’ and ‘down’ commands, but a balanced 
coexistence in your daily life with your dog. I teach people the 
differences between our worlds and help them understand how the dog 
might misinterpret its role, resulting in unwanted behavior.