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Eugene's Dog Whisperer
This is dog training  based on Cesar Millan’s technique of bringing balance 
and order to the home. The Animal, seeks balance naturally, but the human 
has to work to create it. I specialize in behavior problems such as 
jumping, biting, pulling on the leash, and running away. I work with 
dogs of all ages and behavior whether they are shy or aggressive

Tips for picking a puppy: 
When picking out a puppy for your family it's always important to find
 a puppy who's energy will match the energy of your family's lifestyle. 
Consider what size dog that puppy will grow into and know about the 
breed's grooming needs. Ask lots of questions! An important question to
 ask is "How long has the puppy stayed/nursed with mom?" It's ideal to pick a puppy that stays with it's mother until 8-10 weeks. That will lay the foundation for a well rounded pup.

Doing your own Puppy Aptitude Test can tell you how the puppy has been handled and what kind of personality it has. Does the puppy run up to you at first or does it hesitate? Does the puppy follow you around? A confident dog will be easier to train then one that is shy. Roll the puppy onto it's side and hold them up in the air for about 30 seconds. Touch the puppy's feet and tail. If the puppy squirms or tries to bite then it's not the best choice for a family with kids, a calm dog will have been handled more and will be more accepting of kids. Rolling a ball out to see if the puppy chases it will help you see how playful and confident a puppy is. 

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